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Better Whenever

by Elway

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Elway's frontman Tim called to talk about this new record and told us, "I don't want any hoopla or bullshit when this record comes out, we'd rather just let the songs speak for themselves." Well, you're in luck, Tim! Here at Red Scare we have neither the resources or the know-how to provide much hoopla, but he sure was right about the songs. Gone are the "party punk" tunes, and instead there's more riffy, 90's alt-rock like Sunny Day Real Estate or Seaweed. It still bears their trademark Rocky Mountain punk-twang and introspective tone, but there's no doubt that Elway has matured and progressed on "Better Whenever".


released July 24, 2015

Recorded in January 2015 at Dead Pigeon Studios, Fort Collins
Produced, Engineered, and Mixed by Jason Larson
Mastered by Collin Jordan at The Boiler Room, Chicago



all rights reserved


Elway Fort Collins, Colorado

Elway started back in 2007 as a drunken mess called 10-4 Eleanor. They released a few records under the old moniker before changing their name in 2010 after signing with Red Scare Industries. 3 LPs, 2 EPs, 500+ shows in 23 countries later, they are still a drunken mess. ... more

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Track Name: Our Lady of the Thompson River
I was dreaming of outpost towns halfway up 34
I was driving like someone else, like someone you loved before
I took half a lifetime to sleep it off
But I always wound up back where I began
I awoke to your ghost in the threshold
So I ran and I ran and I ran

And you were mine, we fell asleep above the timberline
Just give it time, I’ve got another hopeless song to write
When I finally get this right, it’s all yours

Sometimes I think I just might call you
So I can tell you how I’ve been
Sometimes I picture you a siren
Smiling as you invite me in
I can’t remember where I’ve been
I can’t remember where I’m going
I can’t remember how it starts
But the story ends with me still rowing
Track Name: Albuquerque Low
I spring awake and the flames lick at my heels
I fall and freeze in sentiments I’ve grappled with for years
Like how I’ll give up everything for what I love to do
And how it all means nothing if it isn’t all for you, old friend

I slam my fucking head into the wall again

Before you go, promise you’ll commit my bones
To the salty sand and stone on the gulf of mexico
And when the tide rises to baptize the shore
Let the wind take me home via Albuquerque low.

We sat and smoked on a speeding midnight train
I arrived and mourned the fact that she would come and go again
Hung up on the cities that we both wanted to leave
Speaking slow and somber like we liked the taste of air between our teeth

We watched the sun come up and faced reality

Crack your windows on sleepless summer nights
You will hear me on the passing ocean breeze
As it softly carries me
Track Name: Better Whenever
Who put these lines across my face?
I thought i meant it when I said I’d age with grace
Laid out my years across your floor
My legs are tired I’m not running anymore

When I get down I need you here
Cause there’s a demon, there’s a desert, there’s a fear
When I lay down to sleep alone
I am extinguished, I am expired, I am old

But I’ll get better whenever

So grab your bike, a car, a train, or plane
And just get back to me
Or I can drive or pay for flights
Meet me anywhere tonight
I’ll bring beers or books or songs
I’ll sing and you could sing along
Or sit and smoke or laugh or cry
Pull the hair back from your eyes
Have another drink with me
We’ll toast to our obscurity
You’ll lean in and I’ll calm down
I’ll hemorrhage my neuroses out
If you would let me stick around
I’ll follow you all the way down
And I’ll tell you like you never knew
How good it feels to breath and speak
And hear and see and live and love with you

I’ll get better whenever
Track Name: Lunatic Thirteens
We dressed up for the funeral in our nicest borrowed clothes.
I put on dress shoes that I stole and ran out.
And we made way through the roundabouts of a gray suburban town
The snow was scattered on the ground and I thought

Before you left did you say all you wanted to?
Before you died did you do all you meant to do?
Could you look it in the eyes when it came for you?
Tell me how it ends.

Cause you lived like a tightrope walker
While I was on a phone call somewhere else
When you fell I couldn’t catch you
I was getting drunk all by myself
And the hardest part was to show up here at all

As I listened to your eulogy from that priest you didn’t know
I half wrote letters to your nonexistent ghost
Hey Jazmine are you listening? I know I never return calls
But if you’re there at all just tell me

Was it just the dope that failed you
Or did everything just let you down?
Is there a way I could have saved you
If I was there would you still be around?
The hardest things just can’t be known at all

I don’t know the whole truth
But I know a piece was buried with you
Track Name: Shown to the Moon
The night hangs blue on the black sea
And the wind whips through your hair
I’ve been gone for a lifetime
And I followed your cries here
And those cries sent me wandering
And I brought what of the world that I could carry back for you
Just you and I on the shoreline
And the stars that shimmer on and on
I’m lost without you near me
Show me to the moon

I don’t think that I’d survive without you anyway
Show me to the moon so I can keep my ills at bay
Or fade into her light and wander on eternally
Show me to the moon

I always swore I was trying
And I ruined perfect moments like the times where we would stay
Awake all night between bed sheets
And I loved you like the spring and I was reaching for the sun
You replied with a smile
And an unrequiting stare that sent me off through lonely weather
I’ll return in the summer
Fall out the door before I hear you say that I’m not welcome

Then, as if by song, I will reappear on some quiet winter dawn
And you’ll be tired, so tired of singing along
Track Name: Ten Letter Word
Wrote out our history in chalk on the sidewalk
For miles it lined these gray city blocks
And down came the rain again to wash it all away
Are we so sadly fated?

Sweater and coat hung from my shoulders
i dug through the snow to read your reply
Now I've been sleeping sober and I feel twenty years older
Where did all of our time go?

Is it one of her regrets
The nights we spent drinking vodka and smoking cigarettes?
Can I ever get it back
The feeling that I have found everything that I lack?

I want to love you out loud
And chisel out a future in the sidewalk you turned down

But it seems my winter storms drag on forever
So how can I blame her for keeping warm?
Track Name: Frequent Wind
Clouds forming - rivet and taper the edge of the blue sky
You're worried - the storm’s coming means all your best years have gone by
Every romance is fleeting, your hairline’s receding
And you’re up and leaving again
And this is killing you, my friend

Old stories – lose all their charm when all your friends stop laughing
It’s boring – listening to you self destruct all in passing
If you stopped for a minute, the web you’ve been spinning
Would surely grab you from behind
I guess we’ll hear the second half next time

Leo said, this was bound to end
We tried to make you understand
Save your soul and come back home
You’ve got to give up while you can

Give it up, it’ll tear your heart right out
You’ll wind up back in the place you started out
Sweeping up the gutters outside of the embassy
Eyes glued at night to the screen of your old TV
Watching everyone you love just leave

Put your hands together if you’re fucked and you know it
Don’t bother to live if you’re too scared to blow it
Don’t try to tell me a thing cause I won’t hear
No one belongs here like I belong here
Track Name: Third Coast Temple
If I am mad, it is mercy
To be alive not starting blankly
And stern as a soldier while, as you get older
Your callousness drags you right up to your hideous end
All alone in the web you spin

If you’re alive, it’s a wonder
That the current hasn’t pulled you under
And dragged you down 900 feet
From the air that you breath just to exhale the bullshit that you seem to speak
And brag about all the pain you wreak

Invertebrate, too weak to crawl out of the mud
So insolent, you fill your mouth with other’s blood

Bloody water seeps into the sand on the third coast
And pools around the feet of a tall, broad shouldered man
The town’s reflection’s like a crumpled up paystub
He’s making little plans, little plans, little plans

Hang my reservations out to dry, cause I’ve got enemies to make before I die
Track Name: Orphan Histories
We wipe the chaff from our hands
And the sweat off of our brows
We mourn the old setting sun
And our empty bank accounts

For all the damages we’ve done in the service of a dream
They say, baby, you’ll pay dearly

Oh how these roads make us old
And the sunrise makes us quake
We live for scant scraps of hope
Laid along the interstate

Of all the places we’ll go, we’ll wind up memory and debris
And I’ll say, kid, you’re coming with me

I’ll close my eyes and pretend to pray that the rain never ends
But when the oceans dry up, I’ll know enough is enough
And I’ll sing softly
I guess I’ll see you around

We’ll take the last thing we know
And we’ll let it run our lives
Serenade the devil with those songs
We’ve sang too many times

That just blow by and leave us numb with the thrill of our defeat
I’ll keep the habit if it kills me

Holy ghost
Let us live until we’re forgotten
Hold me close
To the floors of masterless oceans
Holy ghost
To the souls of motherless orphans
Hold me close
Til our histories lay still in their coffins
Track Name: Delano
I’ll spend my summers on the motorways and crossroads
Always half-exhausted and always fully lost in
Salivary sirens, weekend spouses, or gold prospects
Draped in dimestore romance and batshit expectations

I’ll spend some time in Colorado or Chicago
Always be unsure if I’m ever really there though
I’ll move bi-monthly to another basement bedroom
Grind down my shoe soles ‘til I’ve run out of towns to run to

These passing trucks can be my swan song
And you’ll insist I’ve done it so wrong
But living though my losses makes the world so much less daunting
I’ve got nothing left to fear but fear itself

Fear is an empty glass in an empty bar
Opposite the girl you’ll never have
She asks if I ever feel like I’ll disappear
Well, I’ve been battling my irrelevance for years

So have another drink with me
We’ll toast to our obscurity
Stagger, Medicate, Repeat
‘Til our youth blinks out forever