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Delusions (Mega​-​Deluxe Version)

by Elway

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Ryan Hatfield
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Ryan Hatfield Such a great band and I remember seeing 10/4 Eleanor when I was younger, so this band has a special place in my heart. I always harass Tim to play it when I see these dudes. Colorado Punk Rock is some of the very best and this record is definitely a shinning star in the Rocky Mountains Favorite track: Passing Days.
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This young four-piece from Colorado roamed the basements and punk houses of America for a couple years as the band 10-4 Eleanor, and after building quite a following among the sweaty/bearded segment of the underground, they opted for a new band name and a fresh start in 2011. Thus ushered in the era of Elway, and along with it comes their Red Scare debut, "Delusions". It marks an ambitious step up for the band as they ditched their home recordings and enlisted audio guru Matt Allison at Atlas Studios (Alkaline Trio, Lawrence Arms, LTJ, Smoke or Fire, etc). Rest assured, this new one retains all the guts and grime that these guys are known for, but with more intricacy and nuance than you'd expect from your average "beardo" punk band. "Delusions" is thematically inspired by two things: our society's regard for God and having to deal with maniacal loved ones; and these brainy rockers from the Rocky Mountains are sure to capture plenty of attention with this impressive beginning.


released May 10, 2011

Recorded in January of 2011 at Atlas Studios, Chicago.
Recorded, mixed, and produced by Matt Allison and Justin Yates.
Mastered by Collin Jordan at The Boiler Room, Chicago.

*Except Patrick's Scarf is Sooo Douche! and Wolf Shirt*
Which was recorded in July 2010 at Mission to Shred Studio, Fort Collins
Recorded and produced by Brandon Carlisle
Mixed by Matt Allison at Atlas Studios, Chicago
Mastered by Collins Jordan at The Boiler Room, Chicago



all rights reserved


Elway Fort Collins, Colorado

Elway started back in 2007 as a drunken mess called 10-4 Eleanor. They released a few records under the old moniker before changing their name in 2010 after signing with Red Scare Industries. 3 LPs, 2 EPs, 500+ shows in 23 countries later, they are still a drunken mess. ... more

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Track Name: 3/4 Eleanor
the shadows creep faster and further my son when you let this world find you afraid/ and the absence of light it plays tricks on your mind and makes devils from spots in the shade/ but no devils lay waiting there's no god in your sky/ it's just you and the road beneath your heels/ and the pale morning light will warm the hillside/ and there's beauty in what is revealed/ now wouldn't it be a shame if we lived our lives dull and afraid/ if we squandered and pissed it away/ wouldn't it be a shame if we missed out on what's to be learned/ if we shut off our minds in his name
Track Name: Passing Days
Smoking cinders settle in an ashtray
In a dingy bar where romances are born
The sound of Denver seeping from the jukebox
But no country road could ever take us home

She speaks like raging tides against the coastline
I'm rendered ragged by things that she might know
The whiskey and this feeling bring me back to better times
Let it go let it go let it go

Wait you remind me of someone I used to love
The way she revived me
But that was so long ago

And now the passing days on the outside feel gray
And it never ever rains
The city is burning right now I'm dying
It's hard to wash your hands clean
Of these dying days

Sweaty palmed I swallow down my cocktail
Like the things I feel but know I shouldn't say
Every morning I awake to my sighs of reassurance
It's okay it's okay it's okay

Well there I go digging graves for every single pretty girl
Pretty soon they'll be no more left to move
And I'll be filling holes with a longing in my soul
If it's not one of those things I tend to lose
Track Name: Spent So Long
Woke up today with my head busted open
Revealing places I left rusted shut
My limbs hung heavy tired bruise and broken
From the weight of all I thought that I'd forgot
I spent so long just learning how to get it wrong
Pointing fingers at the sky but my fuck ups are my own

And so tonight I'm destined to loathe all the things I've been
And that's alright cause you can't win against the world
So why pretend

Went out last night and drowned myself in liquor
I learned to treat my body like my mind
I wish that I could tell her how I miss her
And how her absence haunts me every single night
It feels so wrong reliving her through all these songs
Have I learned from all my mistakes?
Am I fucking up again?

You can't forget those lessons and you just might learn one
You just might have a future if you could forget about your past
Track Name: Whispers In A Shotglass
Sit down if it suits you, darling.
Pour yourself a drink.
Because nothing gets you down when you're too drunk to think.

I've got a two ton iron weight that weighs heavy on my spine.
I'd love to toss it on this table.
But now is not the time.

It's too late to dream, boys.
She's already gone.
I've got nothing left but pain and grief.
So throw a record on.
And we'll sing until the sun comes up.
And we'll dance until we crash.
Until our sorrows are just whispers in a shot glass.

Sit down, sing me a song, girl.
Tell me how you feel.
Because we've been wearing these fucking goofy smiles
and we both know they're not real.

Maybe you could ease me of this pain.
I'd pluck the thorns right from your spine.
If I had the guts I think I have when I'm drunk,
then I'd try to make you mine.
Track Name: San Mateo
Well sing it up on a mountain if you've had it to here with this place
These voices our gavels these fingers our scales
we'll be the judges of who are the damned and the saved
That promise of perdition, it's not coming back

I sing all these songs for my best friends
Milk this life for all that it's worth
We've got to get a move on tonight cause all flesh will perish
That ever will move on this earth
Don't ask for second chances cause you'll come up flat
Our shoulders to the wheel we'll take it back

Recreate me cause I don't wanna live in the shackles of the shepherd anymore
It's isolating to know we die alone
The truth is always there to warm my home
What else do you need?

You tossed all your guilt in the fire
With that corner-frayed membership card
It marked your confirmation
And rendered you bond with the church that kept you in the dark
As we watched the ashes smolder I felt proud
As we waved goodbye to the pasts that tear us down

Recreate me cause I don't wanna live in the shadow of the valley anymore
It's isolating to know we die alone
The truth is always there to warm my home
What else do you need?

Drown out the still small voices rend the father from his lot
Cause we're dying to believe
Mount up with wings like eagles
Carve these words into the rock
Oh I will not believe

Recreate me cause I don't wanna live in the ashes of the altar anymore
It's isolating to know we die alone
The truth is always there to warm my home
What else do you need?
Track Name: Song For Eric Solomon To Sing
The sum of all that I believed turned out to be nothing but a whisper in a breeze
And I was lost in a meritocracy now with nothing but the tunes to carry me
With the industry aswing in the gallows that we made
They'll stumble round for someone else to blame
There's no sense in believing that our wounds will never mend
Gotta live our lives before they end

So rat me out to the scene police cause I'd rather be living
Rather be living
Well these are our friends they're not commodities
And don't you forget it
Don't you forget it
For a scene that prides itself on fun and doing it yourself
Sure like to use our friends as stepping stones
I guess the reason that I play is to be free
Of the rat race for the ones on top must surely be alone
Track Name: Kristina's Last Song
Looking back today at songs I wrote in this notebook:
They were all for you.
Looking back today at a history of forty pages.
This will be the last one.

I've been digging this grave long enough
I've been hung up on your smile.
But if I lift my head up high enough:
I can see for miles and miles.

Looking up today at the sun-stained hills of the western slope.
I won't look back again.
Driving north today back to the streets of old Fort Collins.
Tonight I'm home with all my friends.

Fuck no, I won't miss you.
I've got some other shit to do.
God damn, it's about time for me to get on with my life
Dust off your shoes son.
We're going out to have some fun.
It's all good now.
Track Name: The Tired Old Whore's Bedside Book
I find myself defeated on a barstool
Cheap whiskey tastes like piss when you're drinking all alone
December's finally ending hallelujah
Maybe another year will bring my guts back to the fold
You never know

But oh how I remember every face down fucked up morning ever spent
The fleeting sickly smile and a sour sobbing mouthful of regret

I stumble down the sidewalks after last call
I drag my eyes through ditches so I can search for shallow graves
The bitter wind hits harder on the walk home
Maybe sometime next year she'll be my shelter from the cold
You never know

But oh how I remember every face down fucked up morning ever spent
The fleeting sickly smile and a sour sobbing mouthful of regret
Put them behind me now singing happily that I'm not dying yet

So sail on, my demons
I'm leaving here forever
I gave up on grieving
I'm leaving here forever
Track Name: It's Alive!
I'll greet the sun today, barely standing on my own two feet.
But if there's a truth to find: I will find it.

I've seen saints become abandonment and heroes lose lucidity,
So I try to stay two steps ahead of the hard times.
All that is forever is the struggle that we share.
If we loved half like we've hated we could climb above despair.

I recall what it is I live for:
Why it is I'm fighting:
The reasons stay the same.
I re-trace every step I've taken:
Every song I've written:
It's love that leads the way.

Do you remember how it feels?

I've seen hearts bloody and calloused forging love out of their anguish.
I've heard choruses 200 voices strong.
I've seen basements full of dancing kids with hearts that span for miles.
I hope one day they'll be singing this song.

Do you remember how it feels to be alive?
Track Name: Tapout Endorsement: The Musical
And you'll hear us screaming
From our backyards shouting
With adrenaline
How the pain burns clean

It gets so inviting
All these thoughts of dying
On days like these
When you can't come clean

It's the same old story
Oh how life does bore me
In the days between
I don't know what's stopping me

So what's the use you'll say
To waste your life away
When we're dying everyday
When you don't see it through
It makes a fool of you
Sorry but it's true
You can still save you

So run boy
Never be caught with your hands up
No one can outlive the heartache
Realize we were born in the wreckage
And I am the arrow
The dew that flies suicidal
At one with the drive into the red eye
The cauldron of morning

So what's the use you'll say
To waste your life away
When we're dying everyday
When you don't see it through
It makes a fool of you
Sorry but it's true
It's true
Track Name: Patrick's Scarf Is Sooo Douche!
Some days I'm splintering and cracking at the seams.
Giving way for her to stay inside my mind and fucking with my life.
Some days I'm wide awake and ready to get out of here.
When 'Pep Talk' words kill thoughts of her:
It's not the end of the world it's gonna be okay.

And I'm still glad I know you
I'm still glad you make me sing.
And if I'm not alright, then it'll be alright.
Turn it up, I don't want to feel a thing.

I don't need anyone; just a box of records.
When I've got no reason to go on:
I may hate this place, but I love these fucking chords.

And I'm still glad I have you
And I'm still glad to be alive.
And if I'm not alright well then that's alright
I've got you to save my life.
Track Name: Wolf Shirt
You spent your younger years with a head heavy with god
And the fear he'd find you out
You spilled your blood and tears on your dirty, sinful flesh
And you kept your faith devout
With the fear and pain
The guilt and shame

Now it's been a couple years and you've moved on with your life
But your wounds had never healed
You've feared the wrath of men in your home but not the sky
And it's a fear that you still feel

But I'm here to say don't ever be afraid.

No one can tell us who we are
Not fathers, not men, not god
Our bodies are ours and ours alone
Not temples. Not pillars of salt

Will you choose to live your life in the shadow of your shame
Of men of god and law
Have you learned to face the way that all of us were born
We're not victims, we're gods.

And who are they to say we should ever be ashamed

Once we take back our lives, we will drag god screaming from the sky
And leave his body on the roadside, and we will watch him until he dies.

You don't need to be ashamed
Track Name: The Swingin' Monogamist
This winter's filled with thoughts of you
All the same reminders, all the heartache we've been through
I struggle when I think back to those days
When it was frosted glass and cigarettes in the car outside your place

We talked until the sun came out
I'd count up all your footprints in the snow
These days it's all I think about
I wonder why I just can't let you go

I walk down these haunted alleyways
These city lights and sewer steam like apparitions stray
Stuck in my mind like the candy lies that I fed to myself
I pinned my dreams to wax-made wings
That are all destined to melt