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Much has happened since Elway's first record: That dork John Elway tried suing them over his dumb last name; the even bigger dorks at MRR deemed them not punk enough for their magazine; and they got to play shows with cool bands like Against Me!, NOFX, Dead To Me, BTMI, etc. Not bad for a buncha cruelty-free, dumpster-divin', god-hating dirtballs from the hippie haven that is Colorado.

Recorded at Atlas in Chicago (Menzingers, Alkaline Trio, Smoke or Fire), "Leavetaking" is the product of (no shit) 22 cases of Busch Light and some long, long nights. With a great debut and even greater EP in their wake, the table is set for Elway to step up and be the next shit-hot band on Red Scare, and we're sure this is the album to do it.


released June 25, 2013

Recorded in February of 2013 at Atlas Studios, Chicago.
Recorded, mixed, and produced by Matt Allison and Justin Yates.
Mastered by Collin Jordan at The Boiler Room, Chicago.



all rights reserved


Elway Fort Collins, Colorado

Elway started back in 2007 as a drunken mess called 10-4 Eleanor. They released a few records under the old moniker before changing their name in 2010 after signing with Red Scare Industries. 3 LPs, 2 EPs, 500+ shows in 23 countries later, they are still a drunken mess. ... more

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Track Name: The Great Divorce
She’s dying to know if it was the faith that failed her
Does Jesus Christ chomp at his bit to be her only captor?
And when she prays it sounds like a mad girl’s love song
Toppling god from the sky with the wind of a whisper
So where were you when your flock was out here wailing?
Hacked up and burnt to the bone with the free will you gave them?
She lays down to sleep and dreams of a ghostly figure
Putting his cigarette out on her wrist and she’s screaming
She woke up with a panic in her head
A cross hung on the wall over her bed
She knew all she has left to do is run
So with the last long ray of setting sun
She will be gone
Track Name: Salton Sea
I lay around this stillborn Sunday
The nameless graceless wreck you leave in me
I stood silent at your waking theater
Deluded and grotesque, I hemorrhage history
But I won’t be visited again
By the ghosts of things that never came to be
I won’t let my heart settle in
To the fallow soil that sprawls out from the fringes of the swaying Salton Sea
We let their hurried beat busy our bones
But our tempo-tempered hearts are always idle
We drink the water from their fountain
But this place could never be the things that we both need
And I want the things that I can’t have
And I need to find a new way out
And I will crawl out from the wreckage of my past
And we’ll fall head first and weary of the place we’ve hung our hats for all these years
Wait for the night, we’ll disappear
Track Name: Prophetstown
It’s a sordid sort of feeling when you learn to live from spite
It’s a desperate kind of living when you’re burning up the nights
Getting sick of all the drinking, getting sicker every day
Because I can’t say the things I really want to say
I remember when Chicago seemed a million miles away
I was chained by quiet longing on that Independence Day
A month across the country built on all I learned from you
I sang those thoughts away just like I always do
It’s been an age, it’s been an era, it’s been a lifetime
But I remember every step
I’ll cross my heart when we cross paths across the country
Please just remember, I’m not the one who left
And I never will
All the aches and shits and quivers hurdle in with morning light
And a somber sense of longing steals my breath and grips my spine
I can feel the salty ocean suck the moisture from my skin
And I know staying here will surely do us in
And I walked on down to that lonely shoal
Where my best hopes go to die
I thought I will keep you in my pen
Until the ink wells all go dry
And I’ll keep it like a secret every day
Track Name: One Flew East
The orderlies shuffle across black and white marble
They’re bustling reminders that no one can slow down the days
The white coats and black boards, they conspire behind locked doors
They don’t want to tell you how long until it eats me away
I wish you would wake me when I’m violently shaking
Tossing and turning through dreams where I die giving up
I wish it had been you that I’d given my heart to
Instead of just wasting these moments by biting my tongue
And I’ve been having dreams of black and white infirmaries
With the palest walls that always stand in silence
If I thought that you could hear, I’d whisper in your ear
All the things I couldn’t come around to writing
I’ve been constantly stepping with these unwanted weapons
Like the things that I think and I feel will destroy everything
So I’ll hold a flame to the things I won’t tell you
And sift through the ashes for some kind of reason to sing
And I’ll bleed right out of these wounds I gave myself
And I’ll live out, live out this life with nobody’s help
Track Name: One Flew West
I’ve been lost in fear and loathing on a bathroom tile floor
Holding fistfuls of my blood, barely together
And for a moment it had seemed like to die was just to dream
And to live after tonight would be a nightmare
And in the mirror I could see an older man stare back at me
With drinks and crushed up pills like some failed science
He seemed to say without a voice that his future was a choice
And the truth will all at once become apparent
Won’t you be the liberator to this overactive brain?
Because I’ve been struggling to feel out what these thoughts mean
I’m a stumbling narcoleptic, fingers grasped to hearts of glass
And in a bed of shards I’ll fall right into good dreams
Where life would stand so still
And for a moment we are free
Restless souls flown from the sea
One day I will
Steal the traction from the ether
Walk right into everything I want to be
And when my bones are laid into the ground some day
I hope to hell I had the guts to tell you everything
And when my bones are laid into the ground some day
I hope to hell that you and I'd seen everything
Because I’ve been lovesick lost and lonely on the wrong side of the world
In a decade strong of suffering in silence
And when this town paints me a cynic, I guess that’s just what I’ll be
Because there’s no greater hope left in this idle city
Track Name: Someday, Sea Wolf
We were bought head first into the unbearable light
Like ships that would set sail out from the San Francisco night
It was my fortune we’d collide at sea
And like the ghost, you’d rescue me
You can call me Wolf if you please
And we’ll watch the fog roll in
And you’ll bury me at sea
Thoughts of you still chase me like a shadow
So I hide in lightless corners and drink my way into the shallows
And one day when I wash ashore
Our love can come and go once more
Seems that’s what nights like these are for
I wish that I could feel your faith
Like a softly sanded shore where the salty ocean breaks
One day I’ll sleep among these waves
And no undying soul will ever leave this lonely place
Maybe someday you could come and find me
When you’ve got nothing to believe
Maybe one day we could be together
Down at the bottom of the sea
Track Name: Christopher
Up on a mountain over the plains
Christopher sat with his hands to his face
This urn is her casket, this ash her remains
It doesn’t feel right just to throw it away
So he kept it with him everywhere that he strayed
With long narrow shadows he shouldered the weight
If I keep her with me, then I’ll keep her safe
He choked down the words that he wanted to say
Wish I could run from the place that poisons my passion away
Wish I never wrote her anything
Let this be the last song I sing
Grooves in his shoulders, the urn still in his clasp
Christopher struggled against the river so fast
Imaginary messiahs like the world on his back
Pushed him under the current where he drowned with the ash
There’s no moral to your story
Yeah they’re lying again my friend
There’s no moral to your story, my friend
Say goodbye to the place that poisons your passion away
If you write a lost love anything
Don’t let it be the last song you sing
Track Name: Banned From Gun World
Eyes open to the vacuous black
In the dark of a windowless bedroom
The blurry unknown date and the smile across my face
Are singing out loud like a siren
The sun shrank and scattered
The daylight fades away each time the same
None of this matters
If these few nights could stay
I’d carry your words to my grave
Redemption in a long morning road
A mirror to the past in gray and yellow
The love I harbored died; now I collect the open sky
I’m a calloused heart resurrected
The night we reached the sky
Still stays with me like the smile that I’d find
When we kissed and I felt like I tasted the air for the first time
I thought I could melt away
A specter in the bareness of the day
Like the fortune that this gambler would trade
For one moment on a quiet winter Sunday
Track Name: Montreal
Windshield reflections of rattling dashboards
Trinkets from truckstops in places we don’t know
Montreal skyline is stunning in the spring
Makes me remember there’s something worth keeping
And when the bars close I’ll bring it all home back to you
Unopened stamp books and unaddressed post cards
Wish I was better at finishing what I start
A life on the run is so much more forgiving
Than places and people that I left for living
But down this highway I will still wait on for you
And when I’ve seen this world I won’t wander anymore
Still it’s nothing without you
So darling if you’re home, would you mind picking up the phone?
Because I’ve got something to say
Track Name: Ariel
Ariel, you know there’re some things I’m not sorry for
But when I’m drinking myself down a hole, it’s you I’m thinking of
When the winter shrouds this boring town
I will trudge through snow wishing you were around
Ariel, to curse the snowflakes with me as they fall
Ariel, I hope you’re somewhere where the weather’s warm
I’ve been walking down these icy roads; someday I’ll disappear
When the snow pulls down on my bending boughs
I will dream of a place where you’re safe and sound
Ariel, and I’ll hope to hell you’ll find it
Ariel, I hope this finds you smiling
And if I could believe for a moment that these words mean anything
I’d sing until the world fell dead asleep
Ariel, I thought that if you stayed gone long enough
I wouldn’t think of getting tangled up with you ever again
But the past has a way of making you stay
And those sour grapes seem so much sweeter to me
Ariel, when your memory still haunts me
When I think about those days
It looks like that famous picture of the VJ day parade
And through a haze of ticker tape
I can see you clad in white with that smile on your face
Just another memory I’ll lose to time
You’re just another memory I’ll lose to time
Track Name: There Is A Line
The future seemed dimmer and unbearably cold
The nights we learned there’s a meanness in this world
And it will find you
I still recall the yellow flowers you held
My room in the basement and the nights it rained like hell
Until the morning
Now there is a light that sharply divides
This great expanse of space and time
With you on your side and me on mine
If this should be the last song I sing
I’d like to tell you just one thing
How I loved you desperately
I’ll rattle the screws loose on this hospital bed
Sickly and stirring from the things I should have said
When I said nothing
I should have known you would have listened to me
You’d save me from drowning in the secrets that I keep
You could have saved me
Now there is a light that sharply divides
This great expanse of space and time
With you on your side and me on mine
If this should be the last song I sing
I’d like to tell you just one thing
I loved you; I still love you desperately
Track Name: Patria Mia (Room 20)
The summer waltzes off in pirouettes of fiery red
The whole world turns over our heads
Wish I could be the one who keeps the cold from coming on
But it gets colder every dawn
If we could walk so far
We could save our hearts
If we could just get out
Then I could lay me on down
This city beckons me to recreate the perfect time
When your wanderlust met mine
There is nobody here to keep us dull and standing still
We will bend the stars to our will
And I want to see those parallel lines that never meet
Like our dreams all unbroken under our feet
And I want to see those city lights come over me
With you sleeping sound in the front seat
Run away, run away while the sun’s down
Right away, right away get everything in the van
Gone away, gone away for the winter
Run away, run away we’ve got to run while we can