.​.​.​Too Bad

by Elway

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released July 2, 2009

Recorded and mixed at Dead Pigeon Studios, Fort Collins by Benjamin Buttice in September of 2008

Mastered by Jeremy Aragon



all rights reserved


Elway Fort Collins, Colorado

Elway started back in 2007 as a drunken mess called 10-4 Eleanor. They released a few records under the old moniker before changing their name in 2010 after signing with Red Scare Industries. 3 LPs, 2 EPs, 500+ shows in 23 countries later, they are still a drunken mess. ... more

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Track Name: Whispers In A Shot Glass
sit down if it suits you, darling/ pour yourself a drink/ because nothing gets you down when you're too drunk to think/ i've got a two ton iron weight that weighs heavy on my spine/ and i'd love to toss it on this table/ but now is not the time/ cause it's too late to dream boys/ she's already gone/ i've got nothing left but pain and grief so throw a record on/ and we'll sing until the sun comes up/ and we'll dance until we crash/ til our sorrows are just whispers in a shot glass/ sit down sing me a song girl/ tell me how you feel/ because we've been wearing these fucking goofy smiles and we both know they're not real/ maybe you could ease me of this pain/ i'd pluck the thorns right from your spine/ if i had the guts i think i have when i'm drunk then i'd try to make you mine
Track Name: Fuck Yer Star, Cybertron!
congratulations are in order/ you made it out alive/ you don't need to have a conscience girl/ i'll be far out of your sight/ counting all the things i have done and the things that i have said/ and they're so easy to forget/ i guess I have to hand it to you/ you made short work as me/ i'm played on as easily as a pipe when i'm made weak in the knees/ was it just too hard to say what you were thinking/ or did the deception keep your ego running smooth/ and you might escape unscathed, but you can't hold back the truth/ you knew i wouldn't run away/ so you took from me what suited you
Track Name: It's Alive!
i'll greet the sun today/ barely standing on my own two feet/ but if there's a truth to find/ i will find it/ i've seen saints become abandonment and heroes lose lucidity/ so i try to stay two steps ahead of the hard times/ all that is forever is the struggle that we share/ if we loved half like we hated we could climb above despair/ i recall what it is i live for/ why it is i'm fighting/ the reasons stay the same/ i retrace every step i've taken/ every song i've written/ it's love that leads the way/ do you remember how it feels/ i've seen hearts bloody and calloused forging love out of their anguish/ i've heard choruses two hundred voices strong/ i've seen basements full of dancing kids with hearts that span for miles/ and i hope one day you'll be singing this song/ do you remember how it feels to be alive
Track Name: Adventures in the Great American West
my faith is only here in jest/ inside the same spiraling stupor/ can't help but think that this all will end with me letting myself down/ i get used to the ground around my feet/ i'm standing somber in an estuary/ miles from a single set of ears/ in the mire or self-doubt/ do you remember the warming glow of summertime/ your foggy breath is so damn haunting/ i cannot muster up the courage to finally tell you that to hold you in my arms is all i've wanted/ for years i've been out of good excuses/ been forced to settle in this skin/ these shaking hands will be my namesake/ shooting wide of the mark/ inside my bedroom the smell of blood and amatol/ this charmless battle cannot wax poetic/ my eyes are so beguiled by terrestrial emotion that i dare not even look up at the sky
Track Name: Soul Searching vs. Lift Kits
this room revolves at 33 rpms and this broken record's all i've got/ these winding walls are all that's left here to protect me from the pain that waits outside/ if i lost it all would i even know/ how'd i get so low/ where did these 8 months go/ i rise and fall/ take arms against the past/ and though it's never meant to last/ i smile/ i've been down but i'm feeling better/ it's been hell but i'm feeling fine/ you've gone away and i've never been so alright/ can't help but feel like i'm losing my soul constantly/ but that means i've got a soul to lose/ i've got my friends my band my love my life and this guitar/ and that's all the soul i'll ever need/ i'm tired of searching for a soul/ so i gave in/ i'll find it on my own
Track Name: Lonely Shoals
you left me like a bird leaves it's pedestrian soul/ stranded on a desert island/ you just flew away/ and i'm stagnant as the sky/ a backdrop for your setting sun/ you drift westward with the stars/ and i'll watch you float away/ it's to late to save this lonely shoal/ from the raging undertow/ those arms will take me home tonight/ and i cut up all the memories/ and i tried to start brand new/ i still remember every word you spoke/ and how you looked at me/ is there a way out/ will i ever be the same/ what if we cross paths again/ i need to sleep
Track Name: Rebox/Deetoks
these streets are paved with bloody assholes and all roads lead to the capital/ the people stand there holding there hands out/ they're begging for more/ but not me/ i don't want to plead/ i'd rather sit back with a gun in my lap waiting for them to come get me/ so let's go/ it's time to leave this town/ emergency pull out/ i'm never coming back/ this town is such a greasy shit hole/ white trash and soccer moms/ it smells like metalheads and meth sweat/ it's just how we roll
Track Name: Kristina's Last Song
looking back today at songs i wrote in this notebook/ they were all for you/ looking back today at a history of forty pages/ this will be the last one/ i've been digging this grave long enough/ i've been hung up on your smile/ but if i lift my head up high enough/ i can see for miles and miles/ looking up today at the sun-stained hills of the western slope/ and i won't look back again/ driving north today back to the streets of old fort collins/ tonight i'm home with all my friends/ fuck no i won't miss you/ i've got some other shit to do/ god damn it's about time for me to get on with my life/ dust of your shoes son/ we're going out to have some fun/ it's all good now
Track Name: Nothing Without Providence
lift my head and see it through cause i don't know what else to do/ everything else just goes wrong/ all i can do is write these songs/ and this song's for you/ but this condition never ends/ i'll burn a bridge to warm my hands/ i'll shine a light so i can see/ i'm doing this cause i believe i'm doing something right/ but wouldn't you like to be back home/ where it's warm/ where it's safe/ but i can't go/ so i laugh and cry/ i drink my liver dry/ if i go down in flames at least i tried/ to put up a fight/ to be honest with my self/ and say the things that i believe with no apologies/ if i had faith would it be the same sad ending/ never mending ache in my heart/ and i've got no way to make it right/ but i wont forget you/ and we'll keep on living/ we'll keep on singing/ with no apologies
Track Name: Touched by an Angel: SVU
my frustration is a product of biotic routine/ and so is the faith that keeps you down on your knees/ you can sail that ship the width of oceans and sounds/ but you can't ignore the truth when the boat runs aground/ your delusion keeps a plastic smile strapped to your face/ your kids lobotomized and your wife in her place/ she keeps her faith by staying strong standing over the stove/ do you feel empowered/ they'll take away everything you wanted/ they'll take away everything we've worked for/ how dare you motherfuckers try to say that you care/ you would first see women dead before you'd give them their share/ and your faith is an ad campaign to spread the disease/ and you'll assimilate reprogram do whatever you please/ well you can cling to the bible and ignore the rest/ but your a fossil in the making with no heart in your chest/ or you can open your eyes because it's sunny outside/ you've got the rest of your life to decide
Track Name: To Epic Fer Words
you're too young to let this city destroy you/ and you're too old to be afraid/ don't believe the hype we've so much left to live for/ you're much to strong to run away/ the sea is still and calm as it washes up on silent shores/ you can almost hear the snowflakes fall/ beneath these streetlamps and traffic lights and blinking neon/ there's a symphony of hearts that call/ don't let it carry you away/ whatever gets you through the day/ just believe that it will come/ whatever keeps you holding on/ and you'll make it/ your way across that sea/ and you'll live on/ even if it's without me/ so climb aboard seafarer/ wish well this sinking ship
Track Name: Dance Like JJ Nobody's Watching
i'm brave/ or at least i used to be/ but another day is gone and you've gone away/ that's okay i've learned to live with my mistakes/ i keep them safely packed away/ your keys left on the table/ i'm passed out on the floow/ tonight you'll call from another airport bar and i'll know i truly am alone/ there's some days when i don't know the road to take/ and growing up's caught up with me/ that's okay i'll learn to make it anyway/ i'll take every hit with a smiling face/ and my dreams of sailing softly have all washed up on the shore/ tonight i'll lie with a bottle of cheap wine and i'll know i truly am alone/ does it wear you down knowing we're alone/ are we emptied out when no one saves our souls/ when the crowd thins out were do we go/ do we scream and shout until there's nothing left/ move on/ we've got some fight left in us yet/ with broken hearts and whiskey breath/ we've got a reason not to quit/ one day i'll find out what it is